We had the best local food when we went to Greece! We visited Poros, Olympia and Athens on our trip, plus a few other places that we drove through in the Peloponnese in Southern Greece. Most of the dishes were meatless as my friend is vegan but there were still many choices. I hope I can remember what everything was, but I will say that we ordered a greek salad with every meal at every restaurant.

My favorite part was the daily post-siesta coffee and sweets break that they take before having dinner. Every day around 5pm, we went out for the good stuff!


One of our Greek salads.


Stuffed tomatoes, greek salad and okra.DSC01382Pizza!

Chicken souvlaki (skewer) plate and stuffed tomatoes.

DSC01642Ham and eggs for breakfast.DSC01148

Baked goods.DSC01823

Crepes and cream.DSC00937

Fava beans, zucchini patties and honey/sesame baked feta. We ate tons of feta but I had dreams about this particular feta for awhile. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.DSC00881

Baklava for dessert! DSC00884

Sweets! Afternoon gelato DSC00685

Freddoccinos. Like our mocha ice blended drinks, only sweeter. Had one every day.DSC00866

Fresh!DSC00669 Another dessert, smores waffle. Also a little red wine.DSC01896

Street food. I have to say that I had the best nectarine that I have ever tasted in my life in front of the Athens Flea Market. In my LIFE. Not a joke or a game.DSC01848