What would you think if somebody told you to try this?

red spikey rambutan fruit, Costa Rica

Uh, it looks a little painful. Spikes. Porcupine? Poisonous puffer fish?

I was super skeptical to try this fruit. We visited Costa Rica last month and stopped to see the wild crocodiles at Rio Tarcoles. There are a few vendors in the area, and among the mango, coconut, and other “normal” fruits, there was Rambutan.

My first instinct was, “oh heck no.” But the store owner opened one for me, showing me that it is bright pearl white inside, and insisted. I caved, and it was good! It had the consistency of a lychee fruit, with the subtle taste of a grape.

Would you try a Rambutan?

Deanna, The Travelistas