Life, Luxury, and Locals: 20 Photos of Our Trip to Panama, Central America


  Y’all. We recently took a whirlwind trip down to Central America and landed in PANAMA.     You want to know something? IT WAS EVERYTHING. These types of trips really refresh my spirit and renew my sense of go-get-em. The day to day gets drab, you know? Camaraderie, ocean, sand, food, and relaxation we’re […]

A First-Time Traveler In Paris, France

Eiffel Tower edit, Tour de Eiffel, Paris, France, The Travelistas

    I know, I know, I haven’t gotten the chance to write much about this, but last year, I dropped everything and went to PARIS.   How often is it, that all of the stars align to make this possible? I had a few vacation days to spare. My kids were with family. My […]

Out and About in Old San Juan: The Puerto Rican Flag

Rustic wooden door with Puerto Rican flag in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

I went to Puerto Rico for the first time last month, and I seriously wondered why I had never been! It’s such a beautiful, tropical place to visit, so close and it’s a U.S. territory so travelers don’t even need a passport. We went walking in Old San Juan, a historic place with colorful buildings […]

Photo: Beautiful Sunset Over Mission Bay

sunset over mission bay

This sunset. Absolutely gorgeous! I was at the Bahia Landing on Mission Bay, just in time. We were eating dinner, and everyone stopped to stare and take photos of this marvelous sight. The hues of orange and yellow are just radiant.

Luxury Vacation In Paradise: You’ll Love Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Resort!

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos, Mexico Resort, A Luxury, Adults Only, All Inclusive Vacation Hotel

I went to a wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a couple of years ago and I just realized that I never shared my photos!     We stayed at the Secrets Marquis Los Cabos All Inclusive Resort, and the atmosphere, location and service were nothing short of amazing. It is an adults only, luxury resort […]

An Exotic Costa Rican Fruit…

red spikey rambutan fruit, Costa Rica

What would you think if somebody told you to try this? Uh, it looks a little painful. Spikes. Porcupine? Poisonous puffer fish? I was super skeptical to try this fruit. We visited Costa Rica last month and stopped to see the wild crocodiles at Rio Tarcoles. There are a few vendors in the area, and […]

Family Fun In California: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, California

If you are in the Northern California area or will be visiting with family, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the place to be! Imagine a year round carnival with thrill seeking rides, family friendly rides, carnival games, fair treats, and , all bordering the sun, sand and surf of the Pacific Ocean. This, my […]

Walk The Pier in Newport Beach, California

The Pier in Newport Beach, California

California is stunning. The hugest reason: the beaches. Newport Beach, in the Orange County area of Southern California, is clearly no exception. I spent a weekend there a few months back, the beach area has such a vibrant feel, full of beautiful people. Sit in the sun and sand, go for a swim, dine at […]

Patisserie Flair in Los Angeles: Bottega Louie


I. Love. Bottega. Louie. I have a special thing for French pastries as it is, but they get everything right at this restaurant/market/patisserie in Downtown LA! We went for brunch on a Sunday and it was crowded but rightfully so. The food is well worth the wait! You can choose from breakfast items, salads, pizzas, sandwiches and […]

Food in New Orleans: The Best Southern Cuisine!

catfish, jambalaya and greens, crawfish remoulade sauce, Cafe Reconcile, NOLA

I just returned from a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana and I must say that I ate GOOD! There is an abundance of culture in the city, and the food follows suit! You can find almost anything you crave, but favorites include jambalaya, Po Boys, gumbo, red beans and rice, seafood, including crawfish, shrimp and […]