On a recent trip to Maui, we tried to stop at as many coffee shops as we could while on the island to find the best coffee in Maui. We went around most of the island and hit some good spots! I primarily ordered the same drink each time, my favorite, an iced mocha. Here is where we went:

Anthony’s Coffee Co., Paia

At Anthony’s, I ordered the ice blended version of the mocha made with ice cream. Yum! It was a super hot day and if I remember correctly it was snack time so it felt so right. This place was super close to the Kahului airport and super convenient for a coffee break. As soon as we got the rental car, we found this place and it felt so welcoming, like home. The atmosphere was great and they also sold the cutest coffee bean bags that were turned into purses.

DSC01598 DSC01596 DSC01590 DSC01589 DSC01594


Kama Hele Cafe, Haliʻimaile

This cafe is a food truck as well as a coffee bar. They are parked in busy a location to serve locals who are on their daily commute as well as many tourists passing through, like us! We stopped here during our tour with Maui Downhill after we rode down the Haleakala volcano on bikes. It was a great way to cap off an amazing adventure. It was also our lunch break so we did eat and I opted for a iced mocha to wash down the food. Check out the fun curly straw in the photos below… I was so excited! It’s the little things… I think the coffee here was pretty strong and totally satisfying.

DSC01822 DSC01821 DSC01823


Lava Java, Kihei

Lava Java was so cute and had plenty of retail options. They sold everything from their bagged coffee, of course, to t-shirts, mugs, postcards and other novelties. Its truly a one stop shop for your coffee break and your souvenir shopping needs. I didn’t get to try any of their snacks but they had assorted pastries to choose from to go with your coffee. I once again ordered an iced mocha, and I probably should have asked for more chocolate or added a shot as it seemed that the coffee was not super strong. It was still a delightful beverage.

DSC01832 DSC01838 DSC01837 DSC01835 DSC01836 DSC01830


Maui Coffee Roasters, Kahului

Maui Coffee Roasters was also super convenient near the airport in Kahului and is very unassuming on the outside (in a strip mall) but so cute inside. It is a comfortable place to have a seat and wind down with some coffee or to hang out and use the wifi. I have to say, I think this might have been my favorite hand crafted iced mocha. They used the perfect amounts of espresso, chocolate and milk. They also roast their own local beans in a separate facility on the island. In the retail section of the store the were lots of home goods to assist you with making the perfect coffee drinks at home.

DSC01897 DSC01885 DSC01887 DSC01888 DSC01891 DSC01892


Grandma’s Coffee, Keokea

Grandma’s Coffee is a staple in Maui off Kula Highway, just past Kula in Keokea. This no-frills coffee shop has been in business since 1918. Their coffee is grown on the slopes of Haleakala and they still use their over 100 year old roaster to roast their coffee beans on site. This is truly a great place to stop for lunch and a cup and we did just that. We ordered the barbecue chicken, rice and pasta salad. The coffee was just iced with milk, no chocolate, and not what I usually drink but it was satisfying. I remember reading a lot online about Grandma’s Coffee and people seem to love it and believe they have the best coffee in Maui.

DSC01962 DSC01966 DSC01964 DSC01971 DSC01976


Wailuku Coffee, Wailuku

We stopped here for breakfast one morning, I think our last morning in Maui. The croissant breakfast sandwich was great and their iced mocha was amazing, probably a close second to the one at Maui Coffee Roasters. I remember that there was so much sunlight that it kept the room bright without any lights on and the customer service stood out. They had great suggestions for first timers like me, but of course I went with my usual. Creature of habit, I guess. They also sell bags of Grandma’s Coffee that you can pick up if you don’t have a chance to make it down to the southern part of the island.

DSC02049 DSC02036 DSC02047 DSC01968

I am so glad we found the best coffee in Maui! I can’t wait to go back to discover the shops we missed.