One of the most beautiful cities in Europe belongs to the Netherlands. Amsterdam, the capital of it’s country, is the largest city in the Netherlands and is bustling with history, culture, stunning architecture and tons of bicyclists!


Amsterdam at dusk


Amsterdam boasts a ton of pleasantries for travelers. It can cater to everyone, from romantic couples to families. People love their touring and cruising the canals, viewing their nature scenery and visiting their famous museums and near by beaches. It looks like this city is full of personality!

I have yet to travel to the Netherlands, which is why this destination is definitely on the bucket list. View some of the photos below of the gorgeous city of Amsterdam.


The colorful Amsterdam Ship, Flickr, liber

Amsterdam 1999

Bikes and bells in Amsterdam, Flickr, Shokichka

Amsterdam, Damstraat, Flickr, Moyan_Brenn Amsterdam Skyline, Flickr, Dennis Burger

Amsterdam river, Flickr, Leo-seta

Amsterdam Red Light District, Flickr, pink fuzzy rat

Amsterdam Metro, Flickr, vitalyzator

Amsterdam canal near the Dam, Flickr, Moyan_Brenn Amsterdam Centraal Station, Flickr, nothing to hide

Amsterdam Graffiti, Flickr, geoftheref


Visit the Amsterdam official portal site, for more information.