We were lucky enough to check out the Museum of Ice Cream this summer in LA and it was such a dream! What a fun idea for any ice cream lover of any age!

IMG_0502 First we started off with a quick orientation (rules, ugh!) and then off with the group into the museum. The museum only allows small groups in at the same time.

Check out the Museum of Ice Cream! Here’s a quick tour.

Pick out your first treat from this hole but don’t peek! Its a surprise. 😉

IMG_0507 Bright pink telephones waiting for you in the first room. Pick up and listen to what they have to say! I won’t spoil anything.

IMG_0508 When your group is done with the phones, a cute California theme awaits you in the next room. Here you will get to sample your first ice cream. We got to try salted caramel with a corn topping that dried like magic shell from Salt and Straw. It sounds strange to have a corn topping because corn is not usually sweet, but the combination was delicious. Trust me!

IMG_0509 Then off to the banana room. They’ve got a super cute swing and hanging bananas to do selfies with!


Next up is the Mint room! Try some mint and chip mochi ice cream here from my/mo and see the fresh mint plants. Make sure you sniff the dirt, it’s chocolate soil! It really does smell like chocolate.IMG_0541

IMG_0543 Head on over to the sherbet room next and try your hand at the grabber machine. Is that what you call those? We didn’t win but you could be the winner of a fabulous key chain!

IMG_0584 IMG_0576

Then their foam popsicle art on the wall turns into gummy bear land, and if you win the dance contest you get a scoop! Just kidding! Some kids did a cool dance battle but I’m sure he would have given out the goods anyways! We got a little gummy bear history… did you know they were invented in Germany?!

IMG_0546IMG_0548 IMG_0549

The next room has some edible black cookie dough and art… yep, black. The cookie dough is made out of activated charcoal. Since this one is not ice cream it didn’t melt, but they scooped some of the cookie dough on to cones for us to taste. I liked it! They also splattered some on the wall. Art.



On to the sprinkle pool! The pool is full of fake sprinkles made out of anti microbial plastic in order to stay sanitary. You’ll have to remove your shoes (more rules!) and these babies will get stuck in between your toes. It felt so weird but was such a fun experience! You will be timed before they have to let in the next group so get all of your pics taken! I love the last pool rule: Build Things You Dream Of!

IMG_0552 IMG_0557 IMG_0556

Exit through the gift shop!

Once you’re all sprinkled out you’ll head into the final room, which has your last ice cream sample: a pancake ice cream sandwich. Since it is bright pink I thought it would taste like a fruity pancake but it tastes like a regular breakfast pancake with vanilla ice cream in the middle. Very interesting combination!

IMG_0559 IMG_0558

In addition to pancakes, you can buy your souvenirs and other gifts in this room before you leave. You can also play ping pong, and best of all swing on a giant ice cream sandwich! Weeeeee!

IMG_0533 IMG_0528 IMG_0560 IMG_0537

The employees mentioned that the museum just recently extended their LA run through October so hopefully there are some tickets left. Look for tickets to check out the Museum of Ice Cream here:

Good luck!


Museum of Ice Cream

2018 E. 7th Place, Downtown Los Angeles