DSC06508This was my first time flying Air Berlin and I had a great experience! I flew in the business class on a long haul flight from LA to Dusseldorf and back. I’m happy to say that the seat met my number one requirement: a flat bed! It also came with a pillow and blanket so I could knock out for most of the flight.


DSC06505The other thing I really love is a personal TV screen with on demand movies. I caught up on at least 3 of them in the time that I wasn’t trying to sleep. The on demand service also has television shows, music, that lovely moving map that tells you where you are in the sky and more.


They had all of the amenities that I need for a great flight. Headphones, socks, earplugs… much more where that came from in a cute toiletry bag. Yep, took it home.


DSC06506The service was great! There were menu options for every diet and every taste. I really liked the tiramisu for dessert. Yummm!