When we went to Venice, Italy, we walked down so many narrow roads and pathways. Sometimes you would walk over the cobblestone from path to path and could only see the different doors to your left and right until you came to the end. That path would send you on to another, and then another, and it became somewhat of a beautiful maze. Sure you can look back but you can’t see over the surrounding buildings. So what keeps your attention??? The doors of Venezia. At least that is what I’d like to call this collection of photos.

I think I became fascinated by doors when my sister took a liking to certain ones. We started to look at the variety of doors at each of our travel destinations as well as at home. I would notice details that I never paid attention to before… they’re all made out of different materials, they open and close in different ways and they are of course painted different colors, have different designs, textures, and signature points of detail. Most in Venice were brown and green but there were a few other choices sprinkled in too. Spoiler alert… the door knobs don’t turn (if you can find one at all)!

That said, I took several photos of the assorted doors that we came across on these beautiful pathways in Venice. I can’t remember where exactly we were and what kind of building each door belonged to but something about each must have caught my eye. Here is my photo gallery of the doors of Venezia. Enjoy!

The Doors of Venezia


IMG_9434 IMG_9130 IMG_9121 IMG_9082 IMG_9081 IMG_8955 IMG_8870 IMG_8858 IMG_8822 IMG_8821 IMG_8820 IMG_8795 IMG_8725 IMG_8647 IMG_8642