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San Diego is known for its great weather and there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. We love to hike different trails and ended up in Rose Canyon for a work out session. It is a great alternative to the gym and indoor classes. This particular part near the 52 highway is very flat and is not a strenuous hike compared to some of the other trails in the city. It is great for a leisurely stroll, bike ride or even a jog if you’re up for it. It is also a good one to explore with the family as it is not difficult.

We didn’t finish the whole Rose Canyon trail as its quite long but there is a good stretch that is pretty flat. There are some wild animals out there. We saw different birds, rabbits, lizards and a ton of bugs. As always, when on any trail beware of snakes!

photo 4

Our shadows on a fallen tree!

photo 5

Bridge over water. I wonder if you can cross it when it really starts raining!

photo 3

We’ve gotta get back out to Rose Canyon and try another section of the trail. If we take our bikes out we will probably be able to see more of the trail. Where is your favorite place to go¬†hiking in San Diego?