The Claridges Five-Star Hotel, Mayfair, London


The Claridges in London is my favorite hotel in the city thus far. I have stayed there a few times. Starting with the basics, they have all of the things you expect from a luxury hotel. The concierge and front desk staff will help with anything, and I mean anything you need. Theater tickets, appointments, wake up calls, transportation… You name it, they’ll do it. A nice touch is that one of the elevators still requires an elevator operator during the day.



Lobby at The Claridges hotel, London



The rooms are very large and cozy and you will never want to leave the bed! A big tub gives you the daily option between a shower or a bubble bath. If you get a mini or full sized suite, the living room area is so cute! Its full of books and art, with a dining room table, desk, couch and an additional TV to entertain company.



marble sink and tub at The Claridges

Living room The Claridges Five-Star Hotel, Mayfair, London

Sitting room at The Claridges Five-Star Hotel, Mayfair

The room service menu is to die for and the restaurant is equally indulgent. My absolute favorite thing to order there is the scones with cream, a side of berries and their Marco Polo jam that you can’t find anywhere else! It does not matter what time of day it is! I ordered 3 jars of jam to go (you can freeze them). I definitely have a sweet tooth!

food at The Claridges Five-Star Hotel, Mayfair

The gym has a great variety of machines and free weights, plus mats, towels and complimentary water, cranberry juice and fresh fruits. Although I didn’t get to indulge in the spa, I did peek in when I went to work out. It looked amazing and its on the to do list for my next stay.

Gym and spa, The Claridges Five-Star Hotel, Mayfair

Gym area at The Claridges, Mayfair London

Last but not least, the location is prime! The area (Mayfair) is highly walkable and/or bikeable and next to shopping, coffee shops, etc. but most will be excited to walk to Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Hyde Park and the other main attractions in the area. There’s never a dull moment in the Piccadilly area… restaurants, movie theaters, tours, people watching, double decker buses… It is definitely a must visit if it’s your first trip to London. It’s also close to Oxford Circus, one of the largest and busiest shopping areas nearby. My favorite place to shop there is none other than the infamous Oxford Circus Topshop! It’s huge and you’ll get everything you need in one trip!

The Claridges
49 Brook Street, London, W1K 4HR
+44 (0)20 7629 8860