Y’all. We recently took a whirlwind trip down to Central America and landed in PANAMA.




You want to know something? IT WAS EVERYTHING. These types of trips really refresh my spirit and renew my sense of go-get-em. The day to day gets drab, you know? Camaraderie, ocean, sand, food, and relaxation we’re exactly what I needed! I have a friend who recently moved to the area, so it was the logical choice for this year’s girls trip. Both of The Travelistas attended this one, which has become a rarity. We’ll have to remedy that!


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Anyway, we flew into PTY, which is the main airport in Panama City. A 2-hour drive out to Rio Hato left us in true paradise, staying at the luxurious and relaxing JW Marriott Golf & Beach Resort, visiting nearby town Penonome to take part in the Carnival festivities, an awesome waterfall hike and swim, and a day in the city. Enjoy the photos of our trip to Panama!


This is the JW Marriott Golf & Beach Resort in Rio Hato, on Pacific Coast of Panama.. It is a stunning luxury resort that is right on the beach, I highly recommend to all travelers! Come see this warm and welcoming destination: PANAMA.


The resort grounds…




The lobby


The view from our room, there’s a little lagoon and it’s just beautiful!




Double room, luxury amenities. These hardwood floors are lovely.



The patio…



One of the few pools…



My friend was knocked out, the atmosphere is so tranquil!



Moving along to Penonome, Panama…


The exact center of the Americas!


The local market, locals shop here a few times per week to guarantee fresh meats and produce.

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Then we headed up the Cerro la Vieja mountains to splash around in La Tavida waterfall! There were plenty of locals swimming, hot temperatures make it necessary to swim in the cool natural waterfall.




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Back to the city we go, this is their soccer (futbol) stadium where they host most of their large events…



When it Panama, it’s a must that you visit the famous Panama Canal!


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Good bye Panama, until next time!



 Happy Travels!