Rustic wooden door with Puerto Rican flag in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

I went to Puerto Rico for the first time last month, and I seriously wondered why I had never been! It’s such a beautiful, tropical place to visit, so close and it’s a U.S. territory so travelers don’t even need a passport.

We went walking in Old San Juan, a historic place with colorful buildings and cobblestone one way streets that is right up against the edge of the ocean.  Most of the streets had a similar character to them, but one of the buildings on a street stood out. It had this old, crumbling building with this door: A Puerto Rican Flag.

The old, wooden door looked as if it’s decades old. It’s quite unsturdy, the door is cracked from top to bottom and it sits partially agape, yet there’s a chain keeping it shut. It caught my eye, I thought it was so neat. Something about it, maybe it’s the pride of the locals and the fat that they’ve kept it up for so long shows the areas unique history.

Have you ever been to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico?