On our recent trip to Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, we were in search of fresh fruits, vegetables and other local items to load up our condo’s kitchen. The Big Island of Hawaii has several farmers’ markets on different days of the week to choose from. Luckily we found an amazing one called Kona’s Farmers’ Market.

The market is in the best location, right in the center of town in Kailua Kona with an ocean view, and you can’t miss it. The farmers’ market is characterized by several tents but its what you see once you get inside that is amazing! Check out what we found while shopping at Kona’s Farmers’ Market.

Shopping at Kona’s Farmers’ Market

The fresh produce at the market included fruits, vegetables, flowers and more. The pineapple was the sweetest and the avocados were as large as my hand! We also devoured the mangoes and papayas. They were absolutely perfect!

Kona’s Farmers’ Market is a one stop shop for all of the souvenirs that you may need to bring back for those unlucky folks who couldn’t make the trip. They had so many options ranging from handmade toys, instruments, clothes, jewelry and other accessories.

This little guy/gal was a bonus. Look at those colors! Pose for the camera!

Kona’s Farmers’ Market


Open Wednesdays-Sundays