A First-Time Traveler In Paris, France

Eiffel Tower edit, Tour de Eiffel, Paris, France, The Travelistas

    I know, I know, I haven’t gotten the chance to write much about this, but last year, I dropped everything and went to PARIS.   How often is it, that all of the stars align to make this possible? I had a few vacation days to spare. My kids were with family. My […]

Out and About in Old San Juan: The Puerto Rican Flag

Rustic wooden door with Puerto Rican flag in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

I went to Puerto Rico for the first time last month, and I seriously wondered why I had never been! It’s such a beautiful, tropical place to visit, so close and it’s a U.S. territory so travelers don’t even need a passport. We went walking in Old San Juan, a historic place with colorful buildings […]

Bucket List: A Look at The Beautiful Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam at dusk

One of the most beautiful cities in Europe belongs to the Netherlands. Amsterdam, the capital of it’s country, is the largest city in the Netherlands and is bustling with history, culture, stunning architecture and tons of bicyclists!     Amsterdam boasts a ton of pleasantries for travelers. It can cater to everyone, from romantic couples […]