A Look Back: A Pit Stop at the Daytona 500!


In anticipation of the upcoming race this year, we just wanted to post a few quick photos from the time we got to attend the Daytona 500 race in Daytona Beach, Florida! The whole experience was amazing. Here’s what it looked like before all of the fun began. A hazy morning in Daytona Beach… Inside, […]

At The Top: View of South Beach, Miami from Loews Hotel

The beach outside of Loews Hotel, Miami

Headed to South Beach in Miami, Florida? Stay RIGHT ON THE BEACH. Just do it.     Last time I went to Miami, we stayed at Lowe’s Hotel South Beach. Out the window…   Paradise.   –Dee

Family Fun: Nickelodeon Suites Resort, Orlando, Florida

Nickelodeon Suites Reosrt Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida is known for a lot of family friendly attractions, mainly Disney related. One place that I’d love to take my kids is fairly new to me, the Nickelodeon Suites Resort!     This hotel is a fun family alternative to other places in the area. I grew up on Nickelodeon shows, my kids […]