Life, Luxury, and Locals: 20 Photos of Our Trip to Panama, Central America


  Y’all. We recently took a whirlwind trip down to Central America and landed in PANAMA.     You want to know something? IT WAS EVERYTHING. These types of trips really refresh my spirit and renew my sense of go-get-em. The day to day gets drab, you know? Camaraderie, ocean, sand, food, and relaxation we’re […]

Walk The Pier in Newport Beach, California

The Pier in Newport Beach, California

California is stunning. The hugest reason: the beaches. Newport Beach, in the Orange County area of Southern California, is clearly no exception. I spent a weekend there a few months back, the beach area has such a vibrant feel, full of beautiful people. Sit in the sun and sand, go for a swim, dine at […]

At The Top: View of South Beach, Miami from Loews Hotel

The beach outside of Loews Hotel, Miami

Headed to South Beach in Miami, Florida? Stay RIGHT ON THE BEACH. Just do it.     Last time I went to Miami, we stayed at Lowe’s Hotel South Beach. Out the window…   Paradise.   –Dee