Hike to the Hollywood Sign on Mt. Lee: Los Angeles, CA


Join us on a hike to the Hollywood sign on Mt. Lee in Los Angeles! I have always wanted to do this and finally got the chance. The weather was nice, not too hot, so it was a great time to go. There are plenty of different trails that take you through Griffith Park. This […]

Life, Luxury, and Locals: 20 Photos of Our Trip to Panama, Central America


  Y’all. We recently took a whirlwind trip down to Central America and landed in PANAMA.     You want to know something? IT WAS EVERYTHING. These types of trips really refresh my spirit and renew my sense of go-get-em. The day to day gets drab, you know? Camaraderie, ocean, sand, food, and relaxation we’re […]

A First-Time Traveler In Paris, France

Eiffel Tower edit, Tour de Eiffel, Paris, France, The Travelistas

    I know, I know, I haven’t gotten the chance to write much about this, but last year, I dropped everything and went to PARIS.   How often is it, that all of the stars align to make this possible? I had a few vacation days to spare. My kids were with family. My […]

Travel Must Have: Holt Renfrew’s Cashmere Travel Blanket


This is the best blanket I have ever used on a plane! I am always freezing cold when I fly so I need layers. This cashmere blanket set from Holt Renfrew is so soft and comfortable! It comes in a cashmere case with a matching cashmere eye cover. The case is small enough to fit […]

Singapore Flyer: Would You Ride It?

Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel

I have yet to visit Singapore, but it is one of the places i’d love to go. This is a photo of the Singapore Flyer.   Singapore Flyer, the world’s largest giant observation wheel, gives a 360 panoramic view of Singapore, from the fast-changing Marina Bay that is transforming by the minute, to the islands […]