I fly the United Airlines business class route from LA to NY pretty frequently but thought I’d post a review/recap as United made changes on this route. You may remember that they used to call flights between LAX and JFK “P.S” flights, basically meaning premium service. The airline no longer flies into JFK directly from LAX but that same great service was transferred to flights between LA and the New Jersey airport (EWR). They operate several direct flights per day on this route. The drive into the city is similar to driving in from JFK or even La Guardia.

Here are a few of the perks… magazines and other newspapers are offered and you can plug in your electronics throughout the flight into their USB ports or standard plug outlets.

IMG_5785 IMG_5784

The planes in United Airlines business class are now all 2-class configurations on this route, so even when you’re booking a business class seat you are going to get a flatbed. The TVs are still great, personal and huge, offering 60+ on demand movies. I love to catch up on what I missed in theaters! There are also a ton of TV shows and game selections for all ages. They offer large headphones and a toiletry bag that round it out… it includes toothbrush, hand sanitizer, ear plugs and more!

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One thing I noticed that is different is that the pillow and blanket provided are now a collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue. Super comfy! I am picky with pillows and this one is excellent for lower back support. The blanket is like a duvet and is not too thick, not too thin… just right. It is usually freezing on planes once we have taken off and get up high enough and this one does the trick!


They also seem to have stepped up the menus on this route. Short rib, duck ravioli… the choices are amazing! Of course you start with your hot towel to wipe all the germs away and then they bring some nuts (cashews!). The first course is a set appetizer, so this time it was a butternut squash salad with smoked chicken. They seem to do well with seasonal ingredients and that is great! At this time you can also give them a yay or nay on the assorted bread basket.

IMG_5796 IMG_5795 IMG_5794

You can only choose one entree (bummer) so I went with the Turbot. It’s a whitefish that fell apart in my mouth and it was prepared with rice, bok choy and a sweet soy sauce glaze. It was very light but super tasty. I don’t see this kind of fish on many menus at restaurants so it was cool to try something new.


I skipped the ice cream sundae for dessert but it looked really good. They come down the aisle with ice cream and several topping choices! Fudge, caramel, sprinkles, Oreos….

One of my favorite parts of the United Airlines business class flight that has not changed is the fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. This is offered later in the flight, closer to landing to make all of your cookie dreams come true. Served warm mmmmmmm!


The service in United Airlines business class is excellent and they seem to constantly strive to exceed expectations. Also to mention, when you fly in business class you get all sorts of mileage bonuses that quickly add up to a free trip! Where to next, United?!