California is stunning. The hugest reason: the beaches.

The beach, Newport

Newport Beach, in the Orange County area of Southern California, is clearly no exception. I spent a weekend there a few months back, the beach area has such a vibrant feel, full of beautiful people. Sit in the sun and sand, go for a swim, dine at one of their delicious boardwalk restaurants, or shop at one of the many retailers in the area. Parking is a little difficult when it’s busy, so get there early.

The Pier in Newport Beach, California

Walking out onto the majestic Newport Pier is something you must do.  On the pier, there were plenty of people fishing, as it goes pretty far out into the ocean. I saw some fishermen grab a few fish, crabs, and even star fish that were caught one afternoon. There was even a seafood restaurant at the end of it, it is now closed.

Beautiful view of Newport Beach from the pier

Sail boats in Pacific Ocean, Newport Beach

As you can see, the beach is packed in the summer time. If you hate crowds, go in the fall or winter. I like it, once you get there and get settled, it’s nice to hang amongst others.

View of Newport Beach from the Pier


If you are ever in the Orange County area, it’s worth a visit. Beauty all around! For a fun lunch or dinner, stop at Rockin’ Baja Lobster for a shrimp and lobster bucket and a mango mojito. YUM.


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Deanna, The Travelistas